We are fortunate to have access to state-of-the art facilities and a full suite of modern equipment to support our research, including:

Shimadzu LC-MS


Fully equipped with autosampler, capability to switch between 5 columns, photodiode array, and dual ESI/DUIS MS probe. Also can be quickly converted to normal phase for use with our set of chiral columns. Supported and maintained by Dr. Sheng Cai and Dr. Adam Benoit. Purchased with the assistance of a grant provided by Shimadzu Inc.

Biotage Isolera One flash chromatographs

Biotage Isolera

These two automated flash chromatographs are workhorses of the lab, capable of purifying milligrams to hundreds of grams of compound in normal or reverse phase modes. Equipped with dry loading vessels, photodiode array, and fraction collector.

Biotage Initiator+ microwave reactor


Heidolph rotary evaporators with PTFE pumps


Thermo Cryocool immersion cooler


SpeedVac centrifugal evaporator


Drying Oven


Vacuum oven

vac oven

We are also fully equipped with Welch high vacuum pumps and manifolds for highly air sensitive work, IKA heating stir plates, shakers for parallel reactions, syringe pumps, etc.

Shared Equipment

Varian NMR Spectrometers

300MHz NMR

We have access to 300 MHz with autosampler, 400 MHz, and 600 MHz NMR instruments in the basement of our building. In particular, these instruments provide us with important structural data to help us to determine isomeric structures. These instruments are supported and maintained by Dr. Sheng Cai.

Agilent/Oxford Diffraction X-ray diffractometer

Xray diffractometer

This instrument provides us with diffraction data used to calculate precise 3D structures of our catalysts and small molecules that we are able to obtain as single crystals. Operated by Dr. Sergey Lindeman. Supported in part by Prof. Raj Rathore.

Agilent GC-MS


Maintained by Dr. Ruchi Shukla and Mark Bartelt.


Bruker MALDI

Very useful for determining the mass of high molecular weight compounds, such as proteins. Maintained by Dr. Sheng Cai.

Thermo/Nicolet IR spectrometer

Thermo:Nicolet ATR FT-IR

With a probe capable of running solid samples.

Nicolet IR spectrometer


Photon Technology fluorimeter


Supported and funded in part by Prof. Evgueni Kovriguine.

Perkin-Elmer polarimeter


For the characterization of chiral compounds.

Virtis Lyophilizer (freeze dryer)

Virtis lyophilizer